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Our diocese was formed in 1976 when Meath was transferred from the Province of Armagh and Kildare was separated from Dublin and Glendalough.

In 2013 this diocese appointed Patricia Storey to become the Church of Ireland’s first female bishop.

Together in God's love transforming lives

Bishop Pat

Our Bishop

Welcome to Meath and Kildare. My name is Pat Storey and I am the Bishop of the United Dioceses. I was appointed in September 2013.

I am married to Earl and we have two grown up children, Carolyn and Luke. Carolyn is married to Peter, she is a primary schoolteacher and  Luke is travelling the world, currently in Australia.

I enjoy walking, reading and creative writing, and I believe life should be fun!

Our vision for the dioceses is Together in God’s love, transforming lives’.

My life has been radically changed, and will continue to be, by my Christian faith.

It is my task and ministry to encourage others as they work in their own pastoral context.

We hope you will visit us in person soon!

May God bless you.

+Pat Meath and Kildare

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