Book of Common Prayer

The Book of Common Prayer (BCP) is the official resource for structuring and ordering worship in the Church of Ireland. The latest edition was published and approved by General Synod in 2004, and contains the legal service for marriage ceremonies.

Every service in the book is linked to here, the links are to the official Church of Ireland website, so will direct you to a new website. Please feel free to download them as PDF or RTF formats.

The texts from BCP 2004 should not be copied or used for public worship unless specifically authorised.
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The Table of ReadingsEnglishEnglish
Morning Prayer 1EnglishEnglish
Urnaí na Maidine agus na Nóna a hAonGaeligeGaelige
Morning Prayer 2EnglishEnglish
Urnaí na Maidine agus na Nóna a DóGaeligeGaelige
Evening Prayer 1EnglishEnglish
Evening Prayer 2EnglishEnglish
The CanticlesEnglishEnglish
Weekday Prayers (Morning)EnglishEnglish
Weekday Prayers (Evening)EnglishEnglish
Some Prayers and ThanksgivingsEnglishEnglish
A Late Evening OfficeEnglishEnglish
Service of the WordEnglishEnglish
Seirbhís an BriathairGaeilgeGaelige
Litany 1EnglishEnglish
Litany 2EnglishEnglish
Holy Communion 1EnglishEnglish
An Chomaoineach Naofa a hAonGaeligeGaelige
Holy Communion 2EnglishEnglish
An Chomaoineach Naofa a DóGaeligeGaelige
The CollectsEnglishEnglish
A service for Ash WednesdayEnglishEnglish
(in the context of Holy Communion)EnglishEnglish
Baptism 1EnglishEnglish
An Baiste Naofa a hAonGaeligeGaelige
Baptism 2EnglishEnglish
(in the context of Morning/ Evening Prayer)EnglishEnglish
(in the context of Holy Communion 2)EnglishEnglish
Receiving into the CongregationEnglishEnglish
Confirmation 1EnglishEnglish
Confirmation 2EnglishEnglish
(in the context of Holy Communion 2)EnglishEnglish
Renewal of Baptism VowsEnglishEnglish
Thanksgiving after the Birth/Adoption of a ChildEnglishEnglish
To TopPDFRTF/doc
Marriage Service 1 *#EnglishEnglish
An Pósadh a hAon *GaeligeGaelige
Marriage Service 2 *#EnglishEnglish
An Pósadh a Dó *GaeligeGaelige
After a Civil MarriageEnglishEnglish
Foirm urnaí agus tiomnaithe i ndiaidh Pósadh SibhialtaGaeligeGaelige
Ministry to those who are Sick:  
Holy CommunionEnglishEnglish
Preparation for DeathEnglishEnglish
A Celebration of Wholeness and HealingEnglishEnglish
Funeral Service 1EnglishEnglish
Funeral Service 2EnglishEnglish
Eve of Funeral Service 2EnglishEnglish
Funeral Service for a Child 1EnglishEnglish
Funeral Service for a Child 2EnglishEnglish
In the Home, Funeral Home or MortuaryEnglishEnglish
Making of Deacons 1EnglishEnglish
Making of Deacons 2EnglishEnglish
Ordering of Priests 1EnglishEnglish
Ordering of Priests 2EnglishEnglish
Ordaining or Consecrating of an Archbishop or Bishop 1EnglishEnglish
Ordaining or Consecrating of an Archbishop or Bishop 2EnglishEnglish
An Ordination LitanyEnglishEnglish
Service of the Word for Mothering SundayEnglishEnglish
Institution of an IncumbentEnglishEnglish
1926 Psalter (full text)EnglishEnglish
Psalms 1–50EnglishEnglish
Psalms 51–100EnglishEnglish
Psalms 101–150EnglishEnglish
2004 Psalter
Is that of Common Worship (the Church of England) which may be found IN ENGLISH by clicking here
An tSaltair (2004)GaeligeGaelige
Sailm 1–50GaeligeGaelige
Sailm 51–100GaeligeGaelige
Sailm 101–150GaeligeGaelige
na CainticiGaeligeGaelige
* It is a legal requirement that the Marriage services in BCP 2004 MUST be used after 6th June 2004 # Marriage Service one and two 2004 have been updated by General Synod 2009– the PDF on this page has the current updated with the current service order. The Gaelige version still needs to be translated.