MindMatters COI is back! 

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The Church of Ireland’s MindMatters COI project is delighted to announce the commencement of their 2024 mental health awareness programme.  This includes a new round of seed funding and an enhanced training programme, developed with the chair of the project, Bishop Pat Storey, and in partnership with the Representative Church Body.  You are encouraged to visit the project website or email the project team (Rebekah Fozzard and Eddie Hallissey) to find out more (see below).

Building on the success of the last three years, and particularly the inspiring seed funded projects, we are delighted to launch a second round of seed funding.  Application will open on Monday, 8th April, with the closing date of Friday, 14thJune.   The aim of this grant is to help projects promote and support positive mental health in unique and exciting ways.  

There will be two bands of funding available in this phase, and an application form must be completed and returned by 14th June.  

Importantly, each application must sign to say that at least one member of the application team has attended the new online Mental Health Awareness training programme.  This is a pre-condition to receiving funding.  It is also expected that projects will fall within the four core themes of the project: Connections, Mental Health and Faith, Stigma Reduction and Clergy Supports.    

We know it can be useful to see what others have done and so we have shared the many of the round one projects on our website. A copy is also available by emailing the project team: mhp@rcbcoi.org


In April/May, June and September/November we will be offering a wide range of training for clergy and church volunteers. This will range from online mental health awareness training, to training on ‘Building a Healthy Team and Dealing with Conflict’, ‘Stress and Resilience’ and ‘Preventing Burnout for Clergy and Volunteers’.

These programmes will be delivered by our training partners, Action Mental Health and Clergy Support Trust (UK). Full details will be available on our website or from the project team: mhp@rcbcoi.org.  We will also be working closely with each Diocese to share information about the training courses and hope you find them of benefit. 

Mental health is an issue that affects people in every part of the community. Through this initiative the Church of Ireland is seeking to make its contribution to a community-wide commitment to promoting positive mental health.

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