Autumn SEARCH continues reformation themes.

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REFLECTION on the legacy of the Reformation continues in this autumn’s SEARCH (out October 9th) with articles by Kevin Conroy and Steven Ellis respectively on the diaconate as an “inviolate” order of ministry and on how Morning Prayer came to be the favoured Sunday morning service in Church of Ireland parishes.

The way we respond to developments in the world around us is another aspect of “reformation”, and articles in this area include key contributions on the challenge of GAFCON from Philip Groves, and on communal loyalty, identity and the danger of toxicity in a wide variety of settings from Lesley Carroll.

How to manage community identity in response to historical and sociological upheavals is a theme which Prof Andrew Mayes takes back to Old Testament times, showing how Israelite self-identity developed from tribal brotherhood, to monarchy, and finally to dispersed People of God, each being an essential shift in response to historical and sociological change.

Finally, looking once again to the future of the Church, Jacqui Wilkinson shares the fruits of her recent Cork-based research into primary school children’s attitudes to Christianity, arguing that encouragement to prayer must be a prime value for teachers and Christian parents alike. The issue concludes with our book reviews.


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