BACI Lent Course on Reconciliation

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Reconciliation is the theme for the sixth series of Lenten Bible studies offered to the Church by the Biblical Association for the Church of Ireland.

Its introduction explains: “Both the need and the hope for reconciliation – within and between churches, between cultures and continents, rich and poor, male and female, liberal and conservative – has recently captured more and more of our attention. New leadership in major churches, (Francis in Rome, Justin Welby in Canterbury, and now Michael Curry in The Episcopal Church) has offered new inspiration and increased our hope. But the work of reconciliation has to be done at the grass roots. Without us it will not come about.”

The BACI team involved hails from both North and South, and includes William Olhausen. Linda Chambers, Barbara Bergin, Earl Storey, Paul Houston and Ginnie Kennerley. The five Bible Studies, are entitled:

1. Power and Service
2. Transcending Boundaries
3. Reaching out to Others
4. Taking down the Walls
5. Do as you would be done by.

BACI chair William Olhausen says, “We have kept things very simple: each study has an introduction, a Bible text on reconciliation, some notes and some questions – questions prompting us to consider not only the needs for reconciliation in our lives, our communities and the Church, but also the practical steps God is calling us to take.”

The studies will be available from mid–January for free download from the BACI website and also in printed booklet form through leading Cathedral bookshops and Church House, Dublin, at €2.50 or £2.00 with discount for quantity.