Brand new hall for Dunboyne & Rathmolyon Group of Parishes

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Congratulations to Dunboyne & Rathmolyon Group of Parishes.

They are about to open their beautiful new suite of halls.The new hall is built around, and incorporates, the old parish hall at the gates of St Peter’s Church in Dunboyne.

This grouping of parishes covers a large geographical area in East County Meath and North County Kildare. It is the largest parish in the Diocese and has experienced a substantial growth in young families moving into the area, owing to the parish’s proximity to Dublin and to the high property prices in the city. The parish comprises three suburban and three rural churches. While each of the suburban churches, St Peter’s in Dunboyne, St Mary’s in Maynooth, and St Seachnall’s in Dunshaughlin would have worship services every Sunday, the rural churches of Rathmolyon, Rathcore and Agher form one congregation and move round the three rural churches.

The new hall displays up to date facilities in a modern building. It is the result of great commitment and sacrificial work by parishioners and some very imaginative planning teams.

The Rector is Rev Janice Aiton and the curate assistant is Rev Colin Maconaghie.