Congratulations to new GFS diocesan president and chaplain

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We are delighted to welcome Ms Jane Campbell as new GFS (Girl’s Friendly Society) diocesan president, and Rev Fran Grasham as the new GFS diocesan chaplain. They were commissioned into their new roles by Bishop Pat Storey, at a special service in St Brigid’s Cathedral, at 4pm on 27 November. The preacher at the service was Rev Philip McKinley.

In attendance at the service was Ms Alison Jackson , the national president of the GFS.

Jane is a member of the congregation at St Brigid’s cathedral in Kildare. Rev Fran is Priest-in-charge of Geashill Union of parishes.

The GFS is a youth organisation for girls and women, from three years and upwards. It is a worldwide organisation that offers a Christian environment where members “can better understand themselves and their relationship with God, family, each other, the community and the world”.

GFS Ireland is a uniformed organisation with a membership of over 1,800.

Members are encouraged to:

1. Grow and develop their personal and creative skills through craft, badge programme, young speakers festivals, attend local and national camps and enjoy fun and fellowship together.
2. Grow in their faith and understand what it means to ‘bear one another’s burdens’ through supporting local community initiatives, supporting our mission partners and the GFS World Project.
3. Develop an awareness of the natural environment and how local actions can have global impacts.

GFS is structured within local branches who then come together within their respective Dioceses.  GFS is administered centrally from the Central Office located in Dublin.  GFS in Ireland benefits from being an All island organisation.

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