Dinner marking Rev Prof John Bartlett’s 20 years as chair of SEARCH editorial committee

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The dinner celebrating Rev Professor John Bartlett’s 20 years chairmanship of SEARCH, which he has now ceded to Dr Ray Refausse, was held at the University Club on Stephen’s Green on December 15th.

It was attended by long standing members of the editorial committee, including the editor, Canon Ginnie Kennerley, founder member Dr Kenneth Milne, Hon Sec Ms Elizabeth Oldham, Subscriptions Manager Mr Michael Denton, Rev Dr Billy Marshall, Dr Margaret Daly-Denton, and the new chairperson Dr Ray Refausse, who continues as SEARCH’s reviews editor.

Mrs Olivia Bartlett attended the dinner with her husband, who was presented with a silver-necked decanter to mark the occasion.

When SEARCH was launched in the late 1970s Archbishop Simms saw it as “a forum for discussion and honest enquiry” for the Church of Ireland that would “foster a better understanding in the face of spiritual problems and human perplexities”. 37 years later, that vision remains the same.

SEARCH offers a space for careful thinking and re-thinking in response to the Gospel and the concerns of today. Hence the motto: “Thinking and Believing Today.”


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