Diocesan Service of Remembrance

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We are grateful to Dean Paul Bogle, the Meath Diocesan Choir, David Lamb (Organist – who kindly stood in for Ms Doreen Kinberley, who had a prior commitment), and Bishop Pat Storey for leading us in our Diocesan Service of Remembrance for those who had died during the pandemic. People came from across the dioceses, and beyond, for the event, which took place on the evening of Sunday 13 November, in St Patrick’s Cathedral in Trim.

During the pandemic we often did not have the opportunity to mourn the passing of a loved one as we would have wished, due to restrictions. Many were not able to hold the funeral services they would have liked and this service was to honour their memory.

The Diocesan Service of Remembrance was an opportunity to come together, to remember the passing of a loved one during the pandemic and bring our own sorrow to our Heavenly Father.

During the quiet reflective service people were able to write the names of a loved one on a piece if paper. These names were then collected at the time when an Offertory people would have been taken up. The names where then brought to the Holy Table to be remembered during a time of silence.

As members of the congregation came forward for Holy Communion there was an opportunity for each person to lay a memento of their loved one on a table beside the communion rails.