Fancy a trip down ‘Memory lane’?

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St Paul’s Church, Mountmellick are planning a wonderful trip down memory lane, where they are hoping to hold an exhibition of as many wedding dresses as possible from the brides of St Pauls over the last 100 years. The exhibition will tell the story of each dress. We hope to be able to highlight the changes that have taken place over the 100 years in styles and stories.  

We are also planning to close the 4-day (5th September to 8th September) event with a service of praise and thanksgiving. 

This is where you are invited to take part. 

Vote for your favourite wedding hymn. 

We are asking all members of the public to come on board and vote for your favourite wedding hymn. We would love to know why you have chosen the hymn and why it means so much to you. The top 6 hymns with the highest votes will be sung during the service which will take place on Sunday 8th September 2024 this will be an Ecumenical service. 

Last votes must be in before Friday 23rd August 2024.  

How to vote 


Please include the name of the hymn and why you like it so much.