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Imagine thousands of Christians across the island of Ireland on one day sharing the story of Christ with those closest to them. What could happen as we looked our neighbours, friends and colleagues in the eye and communicated with them how Jesus has changed our lives?

On the 27th of May, millions of people across the world will step beyond fear and share their faith with one person each and we are excited to join with this global movement here in Ireland.

Our vision is to see the diverse body of Christ from across denominations, across traditions and across backgrounds, scattering throughout their local communities on the 27th of May to share how Christ has changed our lives.

Yet, our dream is not simply for the 27th of May, but for everyday thereafter – we want to equip you for the work of ongoing ministry beyond Global Outreach Day. We have prepared training resources on our website for your small group, family or youth group that will help you grow in boldness to share your story. This initiative is a wonderful opportunity for us all to join with others, especially in our local Church contexts to grow together and be scattered together as storytellers.

Sharing the Story of Jesus Christ is not reserved for a few, we all get to play. As followers of Jesus, each of us has the privilege of being storytellers and owning a story that is of great worth.

We would love to invite you to join with thousands of others, as we raise our voice and together, share our story.

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We would love to invite you and your Church to join with us as we make the most of this significant opportunity. Everyone can reach one person each.

As you look to engage in the campaign, you may want to consider the following ideas:

  • As we gather around the good news of Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection this Easter time, you may want to introduce the Global Outreach Day campaign to your Church family. As we celebrate the Easter story, may we also encourage our Churches to share that same story with others.
  • To communicate the vision of the 27th of May, you can download our short film on our website and show it during a service.
  • Our training resources, which help train us to share our story can be used in a small group or youth group setting. The EQUIP films and workbook are free to download from our website.
  • You may also want to create space both before and after the 27th of May for Church members to share their own story during your services. This will allow people to see that everyone has a story that is worth sharing.

To find out more about Global Outreach Day, visit our website:






The best thing about Global Outreach Day is that everyone gets to play. Your story is worth sharing and we want to equip you with confidence as you share it.


To get involved, all you need to do is:



Visit to register your Church, Parish, Group or yourself. By signing up, we’ll be able to stay in touch with you as we build up towards May 27th and build a picture of what’s happening across Ireland.



We want to equip you for the work of ongoing ministry. Gather together with your friends and work through our four training sessions, which are available on our website.



All we ask is that you make the most of this significant opportunity and share your story with one person each on May 27th.