Ideas for standing against the storm – Mullingar Union of Parishes

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We are asking parishes to let us know what sort of things are happening to stand against the storm of the Coronavirus.

We are already encouraged to hear about imaginative ways in which different parishes are finding ways to worship online. You can read more about these in the previous items in our News page.


Here are some things that Mullingar Union of Parishes are doing to stand against the storm.

Candlelight Prayer Movement Launched MARCH 18th 2020.

Members of Mullingar Union of Parishes are being encouraged to light a candle each evening at 7.00 p.m. to pray to God for help with the crisis the world is in.

It is a symbol to show that God’s love, life and hope is never overtaken by the darkness that surrounds us. Our hope is that through prayer we may all find peace, healing and assurance in God’s love and protection.  

Full details are available on our parish website here


Let’s keep talking project

This project encourages everyone to keep in touch with God through prayer and bible reading and through telephone calls to keep in touch with family, friends, neighbours and parishioners. 


Praying with our Feet

Help Drops – An active group of people in the parish have offered to deliver shopping and other needed items to people living in the community who are unable themselves to collect them while maintaining  the guidelines of social distancing.


Christ is Risen

We are inviting younger parishioners to create and prepare a special Easter card with a prayer for everyone in the parish. These will be delivered with an Easter Egg, kindly donated, on Easter   Saturday and left at the doorstep  having first rung the bell or knocked the door!


Live Services and Digital Communication 

We are looking to use Webcam and live messages which will be available on our parish Facebook page: Website:

We are actively researching the possibility of broadcasting services and sending short talks for the day, week or Sunday and we shall update when this happens.