Kells Union looks forward to a new Rector

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Institution of Rev William Seale – Kells Union of Parishes – 8pm – 3rd Oct 2014 – St Columb’s Church

As we welcome William to our diocese let’s find out a little more about him …
Where are you from?
I’m originally from Urlingford, Co. Kilkenny, from a farming background. I have two brithers and my home parish was Fertagh Parish. I am married to Elizabeth, a music teacher & organist.
What where you doing before Ordination?
I studied Archaeology & Greek & Roman Civilisation.

What led you to get ordained?
A gradual sense of God’s call to service.

What here you doing just prior to your new appointment?
I was Rector of Drumragh ( Omagh ) with Mountfield, in Derry Diocese.

What are you looking forward to about your new move … or nervous about?
Getting back to basics as a pastor: spending time with and identifying with people, and in so doing helping them grow closer to the Lord.

Trust in one’s minister is very important & I hope that the parishioners of Kells & Donaghpatrick will discover a confidential listening ear. When one has been in a parish for quite some time complacent and security can set in – I do hope that this never happens to me! So, going into a new cultural situation and learning new skills will be refreshing and challenging.
I am also looking forward to being a part of a much smaller diocesan team. This should be interesting, as I feel that my pastoral skills would be of benefit in that area.
The historic significance of Kells & Donaghpatrick intrigues me as I find it challenging that I am to inherit the leadership of such a long heritage. As such the Church of Ireland presence can have a high profile, welcoming to the whole community, but true to our tradition. Although our numbers are small, like the mustard seed, we can have growth in confidence, faith and love.
It will be good for Elizabeth & I to set up a Rectory together. It has been interesting to see how she has become engaged in the whole process of choosing items for the new Rectory in Kells.
You asked about what I’m nervous about? I know that this is the right move, at the right time for me. There is always a sense of the unknown, but if the Lord is leading, then things will fall into place. I’m usually a calm unruffled individual.

Tell us about yourself … your interests, hobbies and passions?
I like reading, antiques, cooking, films. Although it may sound corny, I like helping people grow in their faith and getting to know the Bible. Unfortunately, quite often this has been done in a very dogmatic way by shoving religion down people’s throats. For us to realise that God is there for us & that we don’t have to face problems alone is a wonderful truth.

In summary it could be stated that I’m direct in manner with a sprinkling of quirkiness!!