‘Lifting the Lid’ – Lent course

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The National Bible Society of Ireland, is excited to begin a six week journey into a type of ‘wilderness’, where we have the opportunity to engage and reflect on our mental health. 

For six sessions we will be using the ‘Lifting the Lid’ resource, put together using material from a joint initiative between ‘Mind & Soul’ and ‘Livability’ (for more, see https://www.mindandsoulfoundation.org/).

The aim is to create a nurturing space where we can thoughtfully engage with biblical text during the season of Lent, and conversationally explore key themes we encounter on our inner and collective journey toward mental wholeness. To that end these sessions will cover: 

– Valued: Zacchaeus- Cared for: Elijah
– Listened to: Emmaus
– Accepted: Weeping woman
– Understood: Jairus
– Beloved: Prodigal Son

In conjunction with the relevant biblical texts, each week will look at different dimensions of mental health, including questions around challenges to mental well-being, addiction, anxiety, disconnection or restoration. 

There will be six facilitators – one for each session. Each facilitator is trained in either ministry, counselling, art therapy or biblical scholarship and brings a unique skill to the overall conversation of mental well-being.

We are conscious that the issues raised can be sensitive and deeply personal – this forum will not and does not seek to solve such issues. Rather, it seeks to gently draw our attention to the reality that these are challenges faced by many of us each day. 

The first time the word ‘hope’ is used in the Bible (in the Book of Joshua), it is translated as the word ‘rope’. This presents a most interesting thought – that at times hope needs to be tangible, and with God we find that we have something firm on which we can grab a hold, something solid and life-giving. Hope gives us options. Whether Elijah in the cave or Zacchaeus up the tree, we all can experience moments when it feels we are hiding in a cave, or invisible, and are not sure which direction God’s heart is pointing us towards. These six sessions are intended therefore to offer a tangible piece of hope, as we navigate the current wilderness in which we all find ourselves.

So join with us on this journey of discovery, where we will ‘Lift the Lid’ each Monday evening from 7.30-8.40pm during Lent, and reflect on six key areas that are important in nurturing and sustaining good mental health.

To register, simply click here –  https://www.nationalbiblesocietyofireland.ie/ onto our website, or here – ‘LIFTING THE LID’ REGISTRATION LINKhttps://bit.ly/3rXMhuWand fill out the short and easy registration form. A zoom link will arrive in your inbox. Any issues which arise with registration please contact julia@nbsi.ie