Meet the soon to be ordained Mike Buchanan.

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We are looking forward to the ordination of Mike Buchanan. He will be ordained by Bishop Pat on Sunday 10 September, at 7.30pm in St Mary’s Church, Navan. Mike will then serve as a deacon in the parish, with Canon John Clarke.

Tell us a little about yourself?

 My name is Mike Buchanan and I was born in Dublin. I retired as a Sergeant from An Garda Siochana in 2021 after a career spanning 31 years. I served in Dublin in such diverse places as Kevin St., Kilmainham, Ballyfermot, Ronanstown and Blanchardstown, as well as holding several specialist appointments, among them a period in Garda Communications, and a two-year spell in charge of Internal Affairs. I also served with the United Nations in Cyprus.

By far, my most memorable assignment was in community policing, where I spent many years looking after the pastoral needs of the people of Ballyfermot – including, co-incidentally, my grandparents!

 I’m married to Marti, a retired Jazz Vocalist who is currently studying for a paramedic qualification, and I have three wonderful children. Natasha, the eldest is an executive officer in the High Court; Dayna, is presently in Australia working as a P.A. and is on a career break from the Civil Service; and Arlo, the youngest is 14 and is studying for his Junior Cert in Dundalk Grammar School. We presently live in Dunleer, Co. Louth.

Can you tell us about your home parish and your involvement with it?

 I am a member of Kilsaran Union since 2009, having previously been a parishioner of Canon Mark Hayden in Wexford. Kilsaran is a small, rural parish with committed parishioners and a lively ministry team. I have been regularly leading services there since my commissioning as a Student Reader, and I enjoy preaching and building relationships.

My home parish has been incredibly formative in my faith journey, and both the previous Rector, Iain Jamieson, and our N.S.M. Canon Joyce Moore, have been incredibly supportive, with plenty of sound, practical, and very welcome advice.

Can you tell us something about your faith journey and your journey to ordination?

 I have always been blessed with an incredibly strong faith. My personal journey to ministry began at a Christian Brothers School in Drimnagh in Dublin in the 1980s. Prior to joining An Garda Siochana, I was considering a vocation with the Jesuits. I had already been asked to join the Christian Brothers after my Intermediate Certificate, but it was not the right time in my life, and I politely declined. Having drifted from the RC church for a number of years, but not from my personal faith, I attended Church of England services during my UN service in Cyprus, and I soon found my home in the Anglican Church.

I became involved with the fellowship of vocations in 2018 with Canon Bill Adair in Armagh. In 2019 I began studying for a B.A. in Theology in DCU. One Sunday morning in October, no minister appeared to lead services in my home parish of Dunleer. The congregation asked me to lead Morning Prayer, which I did. When I returned home to tell Marti, she informed me she had also made a major decision overnight regarding her elderly parents’ care. I realised, at that point, that God had provided me with a clear call, and that He had not given up on my vocation! I then began the formal process of ministry training, and planning early retirement from An Garda Siochana.

How will you be exercising your ministry in the near future and what are you looking forward to?

The formation process in CITI has for me been personally enabling, intensely gratifying, and overall, a very positive experience. I am lucky to have experienced several enlightening, challenging, and affirming placements in busy Dublin parishes, including one three-week full-time placement with the Salvation Army.

I have a very pastoral approach to ministry, I’m told, and that is no doubt a result of my previous life-experience. I am looking forward to working among the community in Meath and Kildare with Canon John, to learn from him and to draw on his experience, and to hopefully serve the community in Navan Union with enthusiasm, integrity, and a strong sense of God’s purpose.