Meeting those preparing for ordination – Marion Keating, Kells Union of parishes

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Marion Keating will ordained as a deacon by Bishop Pat Storey on the evening of 9 September. The service takes place in St Patrick’s Cathedral, in Trim. The preacher will be Rev William Seale.

Marian is presented with a new set of robes by the parishioners of Kells Union of parishes.

Marian is a member of Kells union of parishes and will serve there after her ordination.

In preparation for her ordination the parish presented Marion with a set of robes.

Rev Will Seale said, “From the moment I first met Marion I knew that before me stood a strong person of faith. It has been a great joy to watch that faith grow, and to see her reach this stage in her ministry of service to the Lord.” He continued, “I inherited her as a Parish Reader & this is a clear reminder that many people have played a valuable role over the years in the development of her faith. Having a good and sensible head, she has been the parish Treasurer for a number of years. Her gentle and pleasant disposition will be of great benefit as an ordained minister. I look forward to working with her in this new role.”

All at Kells Union of parishes wish Marion the very best for her ordination and her future ministry.

Marion Keating