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 The Situation:

On Saturday 25th April, a powerful earthquake hit Nepal, leaving devastation in its wake. Bishops’ Appeal immediately became a conduit for any funds donated for rescue and relief efforts. Today, Archbishop Richard and Archbishop Michael have elevated this response to a Major Emergency Appeal.

Currently over 4,300 people are dead with that figure estimated to rise to 10,000 as entire villages remain unreachable at this time. Thousands of injured people line the streets as buildings are either demolished or unstable and hospitals inundated.

Information is still coming in from the major cities, and rural areas near the epicentre have been completely cut off by avalanches. In some areas near Gorkha, it is estimated that 80% of households have been destroyed or severely damaged.

The Government of Nepal has declared a state of Emergency.

The Response:

Bishops’ Appeal has released £10,000 and has directed these funds towards search and rescue efforts, the setting up of makeshift medical centres, water purification and shelter. All funds channelled through Bishops’ Appeal will be in support of the invaluable efforts of Christian Aid and Tearfund partners in the most affected areas of Nepal.

Bishop Patrick, Chairperson of Bishops’ Appeal states: ‘We urge individuals, parishes and dioceses to give generously to help the eight million people who have been affected by the earthquake. We pray that those responding on the ground gain access to the resources that they need to bring hope and healing.’

Bishop Patrick also requests that donations to the earthquake victims are given over and above general giving to Bishops’ Appeal so that other impoverished communities do not suffer at this time due to redirected funds.

Christian Aid have highlighted that as little as £5 or €6.85 can provide a hygiene kit and £100 or €137 can provide a waterproof temporary shelter for 4 families.

Donations can be sent to: Bishops’ Appeal, Church of Ireland House, Church Avenue, Rathmines, Dublin 6.

Electronic donations can be made to Bishops’ Appeal Euro or Sterling accounts with the word ‘Nepal’ in the subject line. If you wish to receive an acknowledgement of funds donated, please email: Bank details can be found on our website

Thank you for your support.

Additional Information:

Christian Aid has estimated the costs of getting different items to people in need:

People need immediate help with food, clean water, warm clothes, blankets, hygiene kits and emergency shelter.


Cost £

Cost €

Plastic mugs for a family of 5



Two cooked meals for one person staying in a relief camp



100 purification tablets



One Woollen blanket



15 litre bucket for storing water



Emergency hygiene kit (soap, toothpaste etc.)



Blankets for ten people



Bedding set (Inc. blankets, mats, beds, mosquito nets)



Waterproof temporary shelter for a family of five



Cooking utensils for one family



Two cooked meals for 50 people/   10 families in a relief camp



Waterproof temporary shelter for four families



Water resistant tent for one family