Ordination of Rev Marion Keating – 9 September

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Friends, family and members of Marion Keating and Pat Ryan’s parishes joined with others to witness the ordination of Pat and Marion. The service took place on the evening of 9 September in St Patrick’s cathedral, Trim.

Rev Marion Keating, Bishop Pat Storey & Rev Pat Ryan (l to r)

Numbers attending the service were restricted and it was conducted in accordance with government guidelines concerning Covid–19.

We are grateful to Dean Paul Bogle, dean of St Patrick’s, for facilitating the service and who led the intercessions. Music was provided by the Cathedral organist and Director of Music, Ms Doreen Kimberley.

In keeping with Covid guidelines there was no congregational singing. However, hymns were sung by a soloist, Harriet Wilkenson.

Readings were read by friends and parishioners from Pat and Marion’s parishes.

The diocesan family in Meath and Kildare wish both Marion and Pat the very best in their future ministry.

Here is an opportunity to find out a little more about Rev Marion Keating, ordained as deacon in St Patrick’s Cathedral, Trim by Bishop Pat Storey on Thursday 9 September. The preacher at the service was Rev William Seale.

  1. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My family background is farming and my childhood was spent growing up on a farm.    My working life, however, has been in an office environment, starting with the Adelaide Hospital, and then moving to a manufacturing company near Kells.   I have just recently retired after many years in the workforce.   Interests and hobbies have varied over the years, but walking and cycling are now my main means of relaxation and exercise.

  1. What is your home parish and what involvement do you have in it (or the dioceses)?

My parish church for most of my life has been St. Columba’s in Kells Union of Parishes.   I have been Parish Reader since 2009.   I am also a member of the Select Vestry and have been churchwarden – both rector’s and people’s a number of times and have served as secretary to the Select Vestry and I am currently treasurer.

  1. Can you tell us a little about your journey in ordination?

My journey to ordination has been a very long one if I go back to the very beginning when I was first aware of an inner voice calling me to service.   God has been guiding me to this path for a long time.    I have to admit that for many years I did not answer this call.   I had many excuses, some of which were valid such as family illness, others far less so, such as – I did not have the time, was not able or sufficiently gifted and so on.   The inner voice, however, did not go away.   I thought becoming a Parish Reader would fulfil this call, but there was still something missing.   Eventually with the prompting of my Rector, I investigated Ordained Local Ministry.    Then, having been accepted for OLM I embarked on a two-year study course.   This I found quite challenging and it was quite a shock returning to the discipline of study and reading.    Covid-19 further added to the challenge in that it removed from all of us the interaction of the classroom.   Looking back, the two years have passed very quickly, although I did not think so at the time.

  1. How will you be exercising your ministry in the near future and what are you looking forward to?

Most of my working life I have worked with figures and although this at times involved assisting people I now look forward to being able to serve in a very different way – a way that is spiritual and not to do with finances.    I would like to think I can be part of a team and assist in whatever aspect of parish life is required and be of service to parishioners in living their faith and spiritual life.     I hope that in some small way I will be able to serve by being part of a worshipping community and being able to help people in their faith journey and personal walk with God – through public worship and through meeting and listening.

I look forward to continuing to learn and grow in my own journey of faith in order to be more effective in service.   Along the way there will be challenges, surprises, and things I have not even thought of, but I look forward in some small way to helping in parish life.

I am aware I have a lot to learn and very much in my mind is verse 5 from Proverbs Chapter 3: ‘Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;’