Wilson’s Hospital pupil success at Junk Kouture

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Junk Kouture is an international youth fashion and sustainability competition where teenagers from six different countries compete to make fashion from recycled materials.

The 5th of May saw the first of six worldwide city finals in Dublin and over 60 young people from across the country competing. Winner of the Western Region heat, and the All Ireland final was Clodagh Ramsey, student at Wilson’s Hospital School and member of All Saint’s Mullingar. 

Clodagh grew her costume over a six month period. Her skirt and headdress are made from dried Pampas grass whilst her bodice is constructed from Cork with Moss growing on the outside of it. The shoulders are made of living Black Grasses which are grown in recycled cat food pouches filled with soil.

Maintaining the garment is some feat; Clodagh has to water the Grasses and the Moss daily, and carried a spray bottle during the Dublin final to prevent it from drying out under the lights! 

Clodagh says that the biggest problem is keeping her dress alive as it all needs light and air. The Moss, however, prefers shade whilst the neighbouring grasses need direct sunlight in order to thrive. It has proven quite the challenge to give each part of her design the optimum conditions.

Clodagh was thrilled to be made the All-Ireland winner and will be going to Abu Dhabi in the Autumn to compete in the World finals, hopefully she can keep her kouture alive until then!

Coverage of the Junk Kouture Dublin final was on RTE 2 on the 19th of May at 7pm