Women’s World Day of Prayer

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Women’s World Day of Prayer

Friday 3rd March 2017

This is a worldwide Ecumenical organisation whose purpose is to promote prayer and understanding amongst women. Its motto is ‘’Informed Prayer and Prayerful Action’’

Our theme for this year, chosen by the women of the Philippines, is ‘Am I being unfair to you’.

Filipino Christian women of all denominations have come together to compile the 2017 service which reflects the many problems which have plagued this nation through time. It has suffered greatly over the years from disasters, injustices, poverty and forced migration. Yet the peoples trust and faith in God and His justice has not faltered. This strength of faith is reflected throughout the liturgy. It is a lesson for our Western society to bear in mind!

On Friday 3rd March, a wave of prayer will begin at the break of dawn on the International Date Line and conclude at sunset on the date line 24 hours later. Over 180 countries will take part representing all continents. If you would like to organise a group of friends or a group within your community to share in this wonderful day of solidarity with the people of the Philippians, then contact Linda Smithers tel. 018131380 or lindamsmithers@gmail.com

Linda will supply you with booklets and necessary posters

A beautiful service for Primary school children is also available. This has proven to be very popular in recent years as it is interactive and very child orientated

It is not essential to use church premises and to have a large gathering. A small intimate group within a home or small meeting room can be very inspiring. As there are two wonderful Bible studies included, this provides an interesting platform for sharing and growing friendships.

The ‘ Action’ element of the day follows, as we identify suitable areas of need within the Philippines (2017) and within our own community. Considerable donations are directed towards those areas of need each year

As an example, we have recently given generously to The Syrian Refugee problem and Homelessness in Ireland.

Please do not hesitate to contact either Linda or Jean Kenny tel. 0469054117 for further information.

Other important dates:-

Dublin and surrounding area preparation meeting is on Sat. 21st January at 10 o’clock sharp in          The Wesley Centre, Leeson Park . All are welcome to attend.

Our service will be televised on Sunday February 5th at 11am on RTE.