Growth, Unity & Service Mission Document

Mission statement issued by the House of Bishops of the Church of Ireland

The Church of Ireland, as an authentic part of the universal church of God, is called to developgrowing communities of faith, in and through which the Kingdom of God is made known, and in which the whole people serve together as followers of Jesus Christ for the good of the world to the Glory of God.


In the power of the Spirit, our mission requires us to order our contemporary worship and life in a manner that nurtures growth, promotes unity and liberates us for service that is God’s.


Through stillness, through celebrating, through drinking deeply of the wells of salvation, we are called to explore God’s beauty and love, to renew the face of the earth and to recover the divine image that is within us.
Hence we must:
● Acknowledge that worship is humanity’s primary purpose
● Offer worship that articulates truth and evokes holy beauty
● Ensure that our worship is rooted in the faith once delivered, but is never static
● Pray that it may be magnetically attractive, energizing and informing the building of the kingdom
● Rejoice that through it countless individuals form one body in Christ



The Church is called to be an agent of God’s purpose to bring all things together in Christ; to be the sign, instrument and first-fruits of that oneness in Christ that is God’s gift and God’s will.
Hence we must:
● Strive to live in unity and peace among ourselves and with the whole family of God
● Model respectful relations with humanity and the whole created order
● Develop common life and action with other Christian traditions
● Work for greater mutual understanding with those of other faiths and of none


Aligning ourselves daily with Christ’s own prayer and example, the calling of the Church is to pray for, discern and realize the presence of God’s kingdom among us.
Hence we must:
● Engage compassionately with the world and society in all its rich variety of need and opportunity
● Be both disciple and discipling; perpetual learners in the school of Christ as we ourselves strive to teach and serve others
● Daily and energetically embody and proclaim the values of the kingdom for whose coming we long. Maranatha! Come, Lord Jesus! Amen

Growth, Unity Service Statement from the Church of Ireland